About Us


Welcome to the world of Plush, made by us. We’re a team of two who want to live our dreams and chase our passion. Being a combo of a “Visual Artist & Fashion Designer” and an “IMC (Brand Communications) Strategist”, it was our dream to create unique ensembles for our consumers so they would look MAGNIFICIENT and feel LUXURIOUS! And Voila, it is here!

These aren’t just jackets, they’re a reflection of our love and passion for designing and creating luxurious products and when you adorn yourself in these magnificent pieces, you’ll too feel the love and passion put into every article.

Handcrafted by our skilled artisans with over 10 years of experience and high-quality fabric handpicked and selected by us, these articles reflect the essence of the love we want to provide to our consumers.


Nidha Moeen

Fashion Designer & Visual Artist

Moeen Khan

IMC Strategist


With an entrepreneurial fire ignited within us and our passion for designing aesthetics and high fashion, we came up with an idea to turn our passions into reality by creating Plushbyus.  


To accelerate fashion and provide our consumers globally with luxurious and handcrafted products, in which they feel luxurious


To make people feel luxurious and stay magnificent in the products, we create with love!